Iguana Crossing

Iguana Crossing

If you haven’t read about my previous adventures, grab a cuppa and dive into what happened in my first week in the Galapagos.

Getting to the Galapagos, Floreana, Isabela & Santa Cruz

We left our new friends at the camp and headed by taxi into the centre of town to catch the 2pm water taxi to Isabela.

The boat over was particularly quick at 1hr 45 minutes then a transfer to our hotel, Iguana Crossing , was less than 10 minutes (but essential in the heat and with luggage)!

Iguana Crossing Hotel

The hotel is located on a quiet area of the town, putting you a short walk from all the restaurants and bars while providing you isolated beach views and has a gorgeous design which is in keeping with the Galapagos charm.

Placed overlooking the beach, it is one of the newest builds on the islands and it certainly lives up to it’s name!

We had a room overlooking the ocean but there is also a sun deck on the roof with a bar and hot tub, so if sunsets are your thing, you won’t be missing out.

Inside the rooms were spacious, clean and modern. Being an eco hotel (and being in the Galapagos in especially), water is saved wherever possible. The showers run in 8 second bursts which i found to be perfectly sufficient and I appreciate their efforts to be eco-friendly.

Behind the hotel there is ‘the swamp’ filled with marine iguanas and flamingos, there is a lovely walk past the swamp and through the trees that leads to a tortoise hatching centre.

Flamingo Galapagos

Flamingo Galapagos

Iguana Crossing

Beach Bar Galapagos
sleepy iguana

Baby Tortoise, Isabela Galapagos

Sooo Cute!

A few minutes walk away, there is the wonderful Sunset Beach Bar, which is THE place to go to in the evenings. Especially for a night cap. They have gorgeous Mojitos, a bonfire and a slackwire (which i was terrible at)!

beach bar, Galapagos

For food, it was all about Coco surf! Only a short walk from Sunset beach bar and Iguana Crossing.

The Sesame Tuna was amazing!

We loved every moment of our week long stay at Iguana Crossing. The staff were so attentive and charming and did everything to ensure our stay was an enjoyable one. Breakfasts, as with all of the galapagos, consisted of mainly eggs (cooked however we liked) and fruit which we found perfectly ample for us.

We only ate once in the hotel apart from breakfast (lunch) and it was delicious. If you are planning a trip to Isabela, i would definitely recommend staying here.

Hotel: Iguana Crossing

Location: Isabela Island, Galápagos

Accommodation: Eco, Luxury

Price Range: ££




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