Galapagos Camping Adventure Santa Cruz

The next morning we made the final water taxi transfer of our tour to Santa Cruz. We headed to the main town of Puerto Ayora, the most populated town of the Galapagos.


By this point, it became apparent that everyone was taking the seasickness meds (mostly as a precaution and we were all knocked out for most of the journey!)

On our arrival we grabbed a quick lunch (and beer!) at Hernan Cafe and left our luggage with the local G-adventures office and headed straight out for a hike to Tortuga Bay with our trusty daypacks.

Tortuga Bay
It took about a hour in the midday heat. Don’t be fooled by the cloud!!! This place is SERIOUSLY hot! Suncream at all times in essential as the rays are still super strong!

The warning flags were up meaning we were unable to swim on the main beach, luckily we could still indulge in a paddle whilst heading to another secluded lagoon around the corner.

Its easily one of the most beautiful beaches i have seen!




Kayaking was available but as i had done it the day before on Isabela i decided against it and instead enjoyed some much needed beach time. Most of the group had already been traveling through South America (some for a few months!) so this was greatly appreciated! We snoozed and swam the afternoon away under the ever watchful eye of the locals…





All national parks close at 6pm on the islands. So we headed back towards town to catch our bus to our new campsite in the highlands of Santa Cruz. We were all a little apprehensive due to the condition of the showers the previous evening. But on arrival, we couldn’t have been more relived! This place was amazing!

We were warmly welcomed to our beautiful campsite, which included hot showers and a place for a bonfire.

Whilst the boys chivalrously gathered firewood, the girls dived for the showers – they were amazing!



The tents were small, so again we could only take necessities inside, but they were so comfy!!!!!!


This is where the restaurant was (with the campsite just behind it) and we dined here in the evening. The service was amazing and we were treated like hotel guests rather than campers! The food was gorgeous (the chocolate cake with ice cream was a particular winner!!).

After dinner we drank rum and beer around the campfire. Our guide had a guitar and sang us songs until the early hours and at one moment a barn owl perched on a branch above us. I didn’t want to disturb it by going back to my tent for my camera, it was just one of them moments that you have to live in real time.  It was an evening i will never ever forget and one the top evenings of my life.










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