Final day in the Serengeti

Lion Cub, Serengeti, Tanzania

For our final day in the Serengeti we transferred over to another of the Lemala camps, Lemala Mara Camp.

I loved this camp just as much! Its a much more rustic vibe and it’s a mobile camp that follows the Wildebeest migration so you are always guaranteed the best views. I am working on a youtube video of the camp so once that is up and running i shall let you know!

Our tent had ‘bucket’ showers which i had never experienced before but it allowed us the luxury of a hot shower in our very remote location.

And an ‘Airhorn’ just in case…

Lemala Mara Camp

After a quick freshen up (and G&T), we headed out on our final afternoon of safari.

Our guide took us to the edge of the Serengeti, all the way up to the Masai Mara, So we can technically say we have been to Kenya!

MasaI Mara/ Serengeti border

MasaI Mara/ Serengeti border

We also got up close to the plain fires. Fire’s are purposely lit all over the Serengeti so as to remove old dead grass and encourage new grass to grow. This in turn, attracts more animals to feed there and also prevents poachers from hiding within the tall grasses. Topi’s seemed to  particularly like the burnt grassy areas. They were actually one of my favorite animals to spot, i think they are so beautiful!

Serengeti Fire


A short drive away we came across a huge amount of Wildebeest fleeing away from the fires. We sat and watched them for 20 or so minutes – it really puts in perspective the enormity of the migration and the amount of wildebeest in the Serengeti at that time (we were told anywhere between 2.5 – 3 million!).

Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration

As we drove a little further, our guide pointed out a lion  snoozing in the long grasses.

Lion in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Much to our delight, he was then joined by a couple of lioness ad their cubs. Seeing these guys close up was the icing on the cake of our trip!  They were so playful and didn’t seem to mind us watching them!

Lioness Serengeti

Lion Cub, Serengeti, Tanzania

Lion Cub in the Serengeti

Lion Cub

Lion Cub, Serengeti

We could have stayed and watched them for hours albeit, we made our way back to camp for the final time.

Eland, Serengeti

Oribi Serengeti

At  Mara Camp., our lovely hosts gave us a bottle of champagne which we decided to drink around the camp fire.

Lemala Mara Camp

Followed by a feast!

Lemala Mara Camp

It was lovely to eat at a communal table and chat to the other guests about there day and also where they have been (i have now added Namibia to my list!)  and where they were headed (Zanzibar was a common theme).

We eventually made our way back to our tent (with a trustee guide!) and laid in the dark listening to the chaos of the Serengeti around us.

The next morning we were leaving for Zanzibar and i found it difficult to sleep. Purely because i had fell absolutely head over heels for Tanzania but in particular the Serengeti, and i have never been sadder to leave anywhere.


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