A Proposal in The Galapagos

21st May was like every other day.. Apart from the fact we were on Isabela Island in The Galapagos Islands.

We had just arrived at one of the most beautiful hotels i had ever had the pleasure of staying in (more about Iguana Crossing here) and was looking forward to celebrating my birthday week in paradise.

We watched the sunset from our room then changed for dinner.Iguana Crossing

We headed to El Velero for dinner where i tucked into spicy shrimp and my boyfriend had chicken. At this point i started to sense something may be ‘up’. I put it down to tiredness that he didn’t finish his meal (or his beer!).

We walked home along the beach where, under a palm tree my boy asked if i would like to come back to the Galapagos Islands on honeymoon. I said yes. Cried, ran into the sea, ran back to him and ran back to the sea again. Emotional, happy and enjoying the most perfect moment of my lifetime.

He even thought to bring a bottle of bubbly from the mainland!

After the emotion had sunk in (This took quite sometime…), we wondered towards Iguana Crossing, not before stopping at the Sunset beach bar.

Much to my delight, i was asked how i was doing.. obviously i mentioned most recent events which ended up in free rounds of Mojitos for everyone! (Please excuse my orange nails!)

beach bar, Galapagos

Did you have the perfect proposal?



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